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BJP leader Kirit Somaiya demanded a CBI inquiry into the RTO scam

Hon Minister Nitin Gadkari had written to Chief Secretary of Maharashtra to take action on Bajrang Kharmate another Vaze of *Minister Anil Parab who is a mafia and extorts money from common citizens of our country on behalf of Anil Parab.

BJP leader Kirit Somaiya on Friday alleged that a CBI inquiry against parab, Kharmate,Dhakne and fraud in the Rs 500 crore corruption scam. He tweeted a video in which he said there is a corruption scam of crores of rupees on Maharashtra State Transport Minister Anil Parab, Transport Commissioner Avinash Dhakane and Wardha Deputy RTO Bajrang Khamate, which includes unethical and illegal transfers in the state RTOdepartment.
The CBI should interrogate these officials.
Taking a dig at the Thackeray government, he said that corruption was rampant in the state’s RTO transport ministry, Wardha deputies along with Minister Anil Parab, Bajrang Kharmate, raised crores of rupees illegally and distributed among themselves. He said, in 2–2 months many officers were replaced and from 25-50 lakh to 1-1 crore was recovered for promotion.
All advance money for transfer of 250 Inspectors in the RTO department has been already collected which is in the order of 200 crores for the year 2021by Bajrang Kharmate.These transfers are expected to be made in the month of May or June. The money for promotions and postings for other cadres also has been collected.

Please tell Anil Parab took charge of the State Transport Ministry in January 2020. Anil Parab’s name came up in the explosive letter of Sachin Waje. Since then, there has been a series of allegations in Maharashtra politics. After the resignation of Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, the demand for a CBI probe on Transport Minister Anil Parab is in full swing.
BJP leader Kirit Somaiya said in an interview that the only job of state transport minister Anil Parab has been to raise funds and make deals by transferring officers.

According to the news that has been getting viral on social media, it has come to light that the deputy RTO Wardha has already collected Rs 200 crore in 2020 for the transfer last year.

Kharmate has already deposited funds in the order of 200 crores for 2021 this year on behalf of Anil Parab and Avinash Dhakne. Money has been disbursed between these officers and the minister.

Nashik RTO Bharat Kalaskar works as an agent and collects money on behalf of Avinash Dhakane. Bajrang Khamate collected money to cover minister Anil Parab and the commissioner. Jitendra Patil, Deputy Transport Commissioner, is another important party in the wheel.
Kharmate has received all illegal promotions with an incorrect mental date. He is involved in the Deem Date scam. Now he wants another Deem Date promotion. . Mr. Anil Parab wants to please kharmate with deem date promotion as he has given a lot of money to the minister.
Throughout his service period, Kharmate gained promotion through illegal means and earned huge wealth and wealth. Apart from their 2 bungalows in Pune, they have 4 LG showrooms and two jewelery showrooms in Pune. He is also the owner of Tanishq Jewelery franchise in Indore.
Bharat Kalaskar as RTO Nashik gets 35 lakhs per month, he gets Rs 50 lakhs for the additional charge of Dhule district. But despite this, his greater greed led to many false accusations against his colleagues and junior officers.

The central government and all the law enforcement agencies of the country should take action against Anil Parab, Avinash Dhakane and Bajrang Khamate who are in corrupt conduct.

For your information, let us tell you that Bajrang Khadme has been suspended twice before this.
BJP leader and former Lok Sabha MP Kirit Somaiya gave information by tweeting that he has written a letter to the Governor of the state and demanded a full investigation into the matter.

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